Baby Peel makes peeling possible with the minimum stimulation of skin.
Especially, unlike other peeling products, it will not cause flakes, and peeling occurs in a small frame of time. It targets the link which connects epidermis and corium to promote skin metabolism, improving the absorption of vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing agents for healthy and bright skin.
Your skin will feel soft and sparkly immediately after using Baby Peel.


   1. Those desiring improvement of skin conditions without stimulating skin
 2. Those with dry skin or skin flakes after procedures, or those seeking convening peeling procedures
 3. Those desiring clean skin before a meeting, interview, wedding, or important appointment



    1. Improvement of skin tone / fine lines
  2. Acne skin / adult acne
  3. Whitehead / blackhead
  4. Sebum care / pore care
  5. Pigmentation


Q: Is there a special skin type of age that the product is most suitable for?

  A: Baby Peel can be used by anyone with any skin type, independent of age. It resolves general skin concerns.
  Q: How is it different from general peeling products?

A: Unlike general peeling products, it will not cause dryness or dead skin cell removal. Skin stays soft after peeling, and becomes lustrous, making immediate return to daily activities possible.


Q: Can you see effects immediately after procedure?


A: Yes, skin tone becomes uniform and clean immediately after the procedure, and skin will feel soft due to moisture supply.


Q: Is the procedure painful?


A: There is nearly no pain. Skin will tingle a bit, and this is proof that peeling solution is being absorbed.

  Q: Can anyone perform the procedure?

A: The pH of the peeler is 3.35, which means it is safe as long the procedural methods are understood fully.