Lifting Thread Professional Global Company


For the first priority aim of customer satisfaction and impression based on high quality and trust,
TM Global is a righteous company leading the field of medical equipment with performing endless effort and research.


Maintain the best quality

We will try our best to develop our company to gain recognition from customers by providing the best quality and prompt after service and to hold the position to receive consistent love from the customer by putting our heart and soul into the product with our accumulated techniques.

Produce no defect goods

We will take the lead in manufacturing the world-class quality products, thereby contributing to the national economy and improving the quality of the people's life.

Social responsibility

We will also promise to become a company that all employees and executive members carefully listen to and respect customers and to develop as a small hidden global company taking social responsibility

Customer impression

Through continuous investment and R&D, We are enhancing reliability on our products for customer satisfaction Total reliability on products comes from exhaustive inspection and thorough such analysis as mechanical and physical properties over the whole processes.

Export strategic company

We will promise to put all our energy and capability not only into a domestic market but also into a overseas market and to manufacture safe and trustful products which maintain healthy body and mind of customers around the world.